22 Visually Superb Drip Wedding Cakes Recipes

A couple of notes before we start:

I chose not to cover the top of the cake with sprinkles as I did the sides, because I was placing a second tier on top and I didn’t want any sprinkles under the top tier. If you’re just doing a single tier, you can cover the top at the same time.
You can use real white chocolate instead of candy melts if you prefer. I personally don’t like the taste of candy melts, but I used them purely for the fact that they are white, unlike white chocolate which is slightly yellow. If you want you could also use coloured candy melts, or add oil colouring to your white chocolate, in a colour that compliments or contrasts your sprinkle colours.
I added a bit of cocoa butter as well as shortening when melting the candy melts. It helps to thin out the candy melts but still allow them to set firm. But if you don’t have cocoa butter then don’t panic (and I wouldn’t bother buying cocoa butter just for this cake, only use it if you already have it) just use a bit more shortening instead. The candy melts may stay a little softer, but it will still work.
Before you start, have a quick chat with yourself to prepare for the fact that you are gonna have sprinkles all over your kitchen. For weeks months probably forever. Even once you think you’ve got them all, they will sneak out from nooks and crannies you never knew existed.
If you’re ok with that, then lets start.


Fondant covered cake
Setup board
Piece of non-slip/grippy mat slightly smaller than your cake
Waxed paper
Candy melts
Shortening (I used Crisco)
Cocoa butter (optional, see note above)
Icing scraper
Piping bag
Fondant smoothers (firm and/or flexible)
Large, rimmed baking tray
Hairdryer with diffuser attachment (optional)
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