How to Freeze Cream Cheese

To freeze cream cheese, follow these simple instructions:

Put an unopened package of cream cheese in a freezer bag.  You will want to squeeze all of the air out.  Make sure that you date the bag!  Did you know that you can extend the life of your cream cheese by 6 months just by freezing it?

To thaw cream cheese, simply take it out of the freezer and place it in your fridge over night. It will be thawed within 24 hours and ready to use.

The consistency of the cream cheese will slightly change during the freezing and thawing process.  After you thaw it will be a little crumbly so it doesn't work as well as a spread, however,  you do have a few options.

How to Use Thawed Cream Cheese
Use it for cooking certain recipes just as it is.  When you use it for cooking (casseroles, dips, baking, etc) it will taste just the same!
Put it in the mixer (or whip it by hand) for a few minutes.  This method will work to sort of help it becomes spreadable but keep in mind that it will not quite restore it to the original consistency.
 Warm it up in the microwave.  Stir it smooth.  When it cools it will go back almost to the same consistency that it was before being frozen!
The method that I use depends on what I am going to use the cream cheese for.  If we are baking with it then option 1 is my go-to method.  However, for everyday use and most of the time, I use method 3.  It’s easy and just takes a few seconds to heat up!

Cream cheese is actually quite versatile, so don’t worry about freezing it.  Cream cheese is perfect for freezing so the next time you see a great deal on cream cheese don’t be afraid to pick up one or two extra and pop them into your freezer!
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