Unicorn Croquembouche Wedding Cake Recipes

By now, we've basically lost track of all the glorious unicorn-themed desserts that have graced our social media feeds, from macarons and doughnuts to cake pops and chocolate bark. But why choose between them when you can combine all of these sweet treats into one larger-than-life edible masterpiece? Well, that's what one baker just did, and her creation is breaking the internet with its majesty.

Reshmi Bennett is the renowned genius behind the Unicorn Croquembouche Wedding Cake, a fantastical work of art comprised of more pastel goodies than we can even count. Whereas normal croquembouches are typically made of pastry balls assembled into a cone-like shape and drizzled with caramel, Reshmi's one-of-a-kind version is a lot more involved.
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