We used both regular sized as well as mini sized pretzels for our Grinch Heart Pretzels to milk shiver things upward a scrap but yous tin pass the sack yous but 1 size.

For these fun Grinch Heart Pretzels care for nosotros made pretzels inward Grinch Green as well as Red.  We made xviii pretzels of each color, using 1/3 regular sized pretzels as well as 2/3 mini pretzels.

We used l Red Candy Melts to embrace xviii pretzels.  We placed them on a slice of parchment newspaper as well as melted them inward the microwave.  We started at xl seconds, stirred them as well as so microwaved them once again inward x moment increments until the candy melts were fully melted.  Then nosotros placed a pretzel inward the melted candy mixture as well as used a fork to embrace the height expanse of the pretzel.  When the pretzel was completely covered, nosotros placed the candy covered pretzel on a slice of wax or parchment newspaper to dry. 

Finally, nosotros drizzled cherry-red candy melts on the cherry-red Grinch Heart Pretzels for decoration. To make this, nosotros melted xv Wilton Red Candy Melts inward a Ziploc bag.  Once melted, nosotros cutting the tip off the handbag as well as drizzled the candy over the pretzels. Make certain yous entirely cutting the real very tip of the bag. You entirely desire a small-scale hole to pass yourself to a greater extent than command over the drizzle.  Once the drizzle has hardened yous tin pass the sack upward the drizzle on the exterior as well as within of the pretzels amongst your fingers.

Repeat the procedure amongst Wilton Vibrant Green Candy Melts.  We used l candy melts for roofing the pretzels as well as xv candy melts inward a plastic handbag for the candy melt drizzle.

The kids volition dear helping making these Grinch Heart Pretzels as well as what a fun Christmas-time dessert!
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