Reindeer Rice Krispies Recipe


Hello everyone! It’s Jen in addition to Jodie from the weblog Eighteen25. We merely dear Mique in addition to e'er await frontwards to existence a office of this awesome Bake Craft Sew Decorate series. We are excited to part a footling Rice Krispies Treat thought alongside you lot today. Reindeer Rice Krispies? Yes please.

Oh male child exercise nosotros dear this fourth dimension of the year! The holidays merely brand us happy, peculiarly Christmas… it actually is the nearly wonderful fourth dimension of the year. We used to e'er accept a baking twenty-four hour period alongside all the girls inward our family. We’d merely each convey the material for 1 or 2 Christmas treats in addition to bake together all day. It was e'er thus much fun, but we’ve missed it the by yr or two. Hoping to convey it dorsum this yr though in addition to adding these adorable Reindeer Treats would live perfect for the kids to assist with.

Unwrap your Rice Krispies Treats in addition to carefully force your arts and crafts spoons into the treats. Melt your chocolate next the instructions on the packet in addition to thus spoon it into a plastic baggie. Cut a pocket-sized hole inward the corner of your handbag in addition to you’ll live prepare to brand the antlers. Also function a pocket-sized point of chocolate nether the candy eyes in addition to m&m olfactory organ to attach them to the Rice Krispies Treat.

So super simple, but thus super cute! If you lot wanted to you lot could packet them upwardly individually inward cellophane bags in addition to necktie roughly bakers twine about them. Then your kids could paw them out to their friends. Or merely stand upwardly them all upwardly in addition to serve them on a platter or cake plate. They’ll live super cute for vacation parties or merely a fun Christmas pic dark alongside your family.
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